Denbigh High School

"High achievement for all is our shared responsibility"

Preparing Pupils for Life in Modern Britain

Denbigh High School consciously promotes a tolerant, equal, democratic, British community. This is specifically addressed in the taught curriculum through the ideas of Britain as a democratic society, pupils as members of that society and through the ideas of tolerance and equality, (RE and Citizenship). The ethos and values of the school promoted through PSCHE and SMSC strengthen and support this view. 

In our core value statement, ‘High achievement for all is our shared responsibility’, which is deeply embedded in every aspect of school life, the social and moral development of pupils is paramount. We recognise that any influences that significantly compromise Denbigh’s ethos and values could affect pupils’ chances for a successful and fulfilled life. Through our development of successful, aspirational, positive-minded young people we promote their economic well-being and an ability to realise their ambitions post 16 and into adulthood. 

We take seriously any views that the pupils may come across that undermine our ethos and values, and recognise that this may, exceptionally, fall into the category of a welfare or safeguarding issue and is addressed in our safeguarding policy and procedures.