Denbigh High School

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A Spooky Week at Denbigh!

With the arrival of Peter Murray, acclaimed children’s author and writer of the Mokee Joe series and the chilling Bonebreaker trilogy, students were excited and could not wait for his engaging presentations and workshops.  

While at Denbigh, Peter presented to all of Year 7 students, informing students of his books, his inspirations and even giving them a taste of his novels. 

The Year 7s were enthralled and the library was out of Pete Murray books by break time!

 After the presentation, Peter also carried out workshops for the Year 7, teaching them how to craft a spooky story, as well as some Year 8 boys, who were engrossed in Peter’s stories and inspired to write their own works. A fan-favourite was PS 13, a selection of spine-chilling short stories
written by 13-year-olds in America!

We look forward to having Peter Murray visit us again next year to inspire and share his spooky stories.