Denbigh High School

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The launch of Growth Mindset

The last term Denbigh High School witnessed the launch of a very exciting project where our students and staff have been introduced to the idea of Growth Mindset. 

Growth Mindset is a concept introduced by Professor Carol Dweck. Carol states that “your view of yourself determines everything”, she goes on further to say that an individual can pertain a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. A fixed mindset is where humans see failure as a limit to their abilities and a growth mindset is where humans see failure as an opportunity to grow. 

At Denbigh, we have been spending time developing Growth Mindset with our students. We started of at the beginning of the term with assemblies focused on Growth Mindset. The Heads of Houses all spoke about what growth mindset means to them and how they have used it in their lives. 

To promote this further form time activities have been centred on helping our students develop a growth mindset. From teaching them on how to train their brain to think differently, to developing resilience, as well as thinking about how to persevere. All the while linking this to real life people like Steve Jobs and his journey of perseverance, preparing our students on how to release that inner drive and characteristics in themselves to achieve their full potential.

All of these qualities were put into practice and unleashed during our inter-house football competition where students displayed their enthusiasm and passion to represent their house.

The students from Year 7 to Year 10 showed their resilience, perseverance and that positive
winning growth mindset.

Bring on the next term!